Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Increase your online visibility and attract new customers with AC Web’stargeted SEO services.

Our search engine optimisation process begins with an audit of existing actions and implementing a set of metrics that we can use for benchmarking and improvements over time. This includes:

  • Keyword research: We define relevant target search terms for your customers’ queries. If you have paid advertising, we make sure your entire SEO strategy is aligned.
  • Competitive analysis: We analyse your positioning with those of your closest competitors.
  • Content audits: We identify opportunities to improve the content of your pages.
  • Technical audits: We make sure that technical conventions, such as metadata, HTTPS, alt tags etc. are optimised.
  • Monthly reports : We provide you with monthly reports to measure progress and to define future actions.

Everyone wants their content to appear on the first page of Google. Reaching this position takes time and requires constant work because the determining factors are numerous and constantly changing. Writing great content targeted to the specific needs of your customers is a good start, but it is not enough. SEO requires an intelligent strategy and targeted actions that are measurable and flexible enough to evolve over time, according to new knowledge and new requirements.

Are users finding you based on the search terms they use?

We adopt an evolutionary process for your website which is flexible enough to evolve as new information emerges from the analysis of your data, paving the way for continuous improvement. With our SEO services you can make the right choices to drive more qualified traffic to your site and get more leads. A good SEO strategy can have a significant positive impact on a company’s bottom line when it is supported by a smart content strategy, an advertising campaign and conversion rate optimisation services.

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