Digital strategy services

We help our clients match their objectivesand their means in the following ways:

  • Strategic audit: Audit your digital marketing efforts across all channels to assess what is working and what is not and define criteria for success.
  • Competitive analysis: Define what your competition is doing and identify areas where you have the best chance of success.
  • Capacity planning: Link your company’s resources to a successful strategy while avoiding overwhelming your employees. We determine the platforms your targets use and create an action plan to maximise the potential for success based on the resources you have available to achieve your goals.
  • SEO / SEM strategy: Integrating search strategies such as content creation, public relations campaigns etc.
  • Content strategy: Designing a flexible content plan and editorial timeline to keep your teams on track.
  • Measurement strategy: Aligning your objectives with key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure success on an ongoing basis.
  • Reporting : Data analysis and continuous recommendations on how best to improve performance over time.

When your digital channels are managed as part of a coherent strategy in line with your company’s resources, success is not far off.

However, this is no small feat. Given the plethora of digital tools and channels available, your digital marketing efforts can quickly become scattered, be inconsistent, or not align with your brand. Before you know it, major problems arise.

Profiles on social networks turn into ghost towns. The company’s mobile app no longer works on newer versions of Android or iOS. Website messaging and content strategy is fragmented and/or inconsistent with successful SEO actions. None of the pages returns a profit.

Ultimately it costs money, sometimes a lot of money, and can undermine a brand’s integrity.

Are your digital channels strategically aligned with your business objectives and your company’s resources?

AC Web takes a holistic and more sustainable approach to a company’s digital strategy.

We audit your digital marketing actions across all channels, then build a strategy and core indicators into your objectives to design an action plan that will deliver results.

We build it to suit your capacities as it doesn’t make sense to design a plan that your team won’t have the resources to implement.

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