Discovery workshops

Face-to-face meetings mean you can benefit from information tailored to your knowledge that you will never have with mere documentation. It also helps to quickly build consensus, make informed decisions faster and create better tools. This is why collaboration is the cornerstone of our discovery workshops.

Discovery workshops include:

  • Business goals: Building consensus on the project’s business goals and desired outcomes.
  • Proto-personas: Define your target audience and clarify what motivates them.
  • User actions and goals: Create a list of goals and define actions that might help users achieve those goals.
  • Brainstorming on functionalities: Explore functionalities that can help your target users achieve their goals.
  • Hypotheses: By combining the characteristics of your personas and your objectives, we can define key stages linked to success indicators.
  • Prioritisation: Risk/benefit analysis to design high value tools while limiting risks.

Based on Lean UX practices, our discovery workshops promote collaboration between participants, define appropriate goals and support your team on the path to successful digital marketing. It is during these sessions that the AC Web team gets a full understanding of your needs, goals and how we can work together to achieve the best results. They guide our integration process and are one of the most important aspects of our communal work. We tailor these discovery workshops to the unique needs of each client.

AC Web discovery workshops help participants quickly reach consensus on key elements of their project.

These practical and collaborative workshops set the tone for our relationships and lay the foundations for the creation of powerful digital tools and services in an environment conducive to trust and mutual success. As always, we make a point of taking environmental issues into account when planning our workshops in order to encourage sustainable solutions.

Want to know how our discovery workshops can help you succeed in your digital marketing? Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you.

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