Create a Geolocated Collaborative Mobile Application

Collaborative delivery

Conception, design and development
Web, Android & iOS

123coursier has trusted us to design an innovative collaborative platform for connecting customers and couriers.

It seemed essential to us that the application be available from Android and iOS stores as well as a web version accessible from any browser in order to guarantee an optimal experience no matter what device is being used.

UX First

We started by exploring the main cases in which the platform would be used, then we quickly moved on to creating conceptual models in order to validate the ergonomic and graphic basics.

Finally, we created an interactive version of the final models using different views in order to define the navigation and user interactions.


We wanted to design an application that follows Material Design guidelines, while retaining a certain graphic freedom in order to define a specific visual identity for 123coursier.

We decided to combine a fresh, multicoloured look that represents the vibrancy of the app and is in keeping with the bright and cheerful appearance of Android Lollipop.

First steps

When opening the 123coursier application for the first time, the user simply chooses the service in which they are interested.

  • If the user has something to be delivered, they directly access the page to file a delivery request before creating an account. This makes it possible to limit as much as possible users abandoning their delivery request because it requires the entry of too much personal information from the app’s launch.
  • If the user is a courier, they are invited to create a user account which will then be validated internally with the verification of the information provided. The information is filled in by category to make this step more digestible.
Real-time monitoring

We wanted to make the monitoring of a delivery as clear as possible using a visual representation of the current status on a timeline of the different stages. Users are informed of each change in the status of their delivery by push notifications on their phone.


A geolocation approach allows couriers to find deliveries available in their area at a glance using a map centred on their position. The list of deliveries is also visible in the form of a table ordered by distance, offering a more detailed alternative view.

Android & iOS collaborative delivery mobile application
Android & iOS collaborative delivery mobile application
Android & iOS collaborative delivery mobile application